Shyam Aramban
Kannur, Kerala
+91 8891609482


Shyam Aramban is a natural born-artist who knows how to express everyday life and reality though the prolific touch of his hands, either by playing skilfully a musical instrument, by putting colors and smooth charcoals to dance on paper, or by pressing a camera button in the exact moment when life is secretly unfolding its beauty.

With such a passionate talent, he has been looking for ways to learn more techniques that will allow him to build direct roads towards the light of his inner-observant eye. His search for new tools have taken him to pursue a steady formal education on art, starting by achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a diploma on Visual Communication from the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit in Kalady, Kerala, later he acquired a Master of Fine Arts in painting from one of the most prestigious institution in India: The Baranas Hindu University. With his clear talent, he was able to earn the CCRT scholarship for young artists. He has developed a profound sense of aesthetic, participating in the 2016 Biennale of Kochi Muziris. He has worked as an Illustrator for Spanish poetry books and held his solo exhibition called VARA in 2018in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh. The following year he worked as an Assistant Art Director for the Indo-Brazilian lms called Uma and Echoes of the Silence. He participated in the creation of twenty-one art collectives, at national and international levels, allowing people from all around the world, not only to see his outstanding art, but also to acquire countless pieces for their private collections. His art is now in countries like Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Germany, France and Japan; to name a few.

At the moment he nurtures his work with his constant travels and long stays in Varanasi, Kerala andShantiniketan; sites where his art finds a way to ow with love and passion, depicting the human soul, and looking for the next step to share and expand his extraordinary artistic gift.