Kalayog started as a WhatsApp group in 2016 for art discussions and sharing creative content. Over the years, the group collected more practitioners and acquaintances equally passionate and interested to know more about the contemporary approaches in the art field. In recent times we had an urge to share the artworks and introduce the art practitioners, we’ve gathered over the years. The team that have helped us in our flight are mentioned below.

Founding Director

Mithul MT is an artist and a research scholar, currently doing his M.Phil in Visual Studies from the School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU. He holds MFA in Art History and Visual Studies from S.N School, HCU and a BFA in Painting from the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit. He has also worked as an Art History lecturer in Raja Ravi Varma Centre of Excellence for Visual Arts and curated twin exhibitions 'Boundless Boundaries'- Bounded within and Bounded Beyond.


Nevin Dalvin is a Visual Arts Researcher at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU. Before devoting his full time to research he has worked as a Domain Expert at Doordarshan, New Delhi. Nevin holds a Master’s in Art History from National Museum Institute and is a graduate of History, Economics and Political Science from Christ University. Having tried to learn Japanese, Persian and Spanish, he is now attempting Portuguese.

Our Team:

Content Development

Aiswarya Raj. T
Aiswarya Raj. T is a bilingual writer and content creator. She is currently doing her Masters in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Arabinda Dash
Currently based in Odisha, Arabinda has completed his masters from Kala Bhavan Visva-Bharati University. He is currently working as a guest faculty of art history at Kalinga college of Art Bhubaneswar.

Copy Editing

Aishwarya Kirit
Currently based in Bengaluru, Aishwarya is in the process of getting her Masters in Museum Studies from the National Museum Institute, New Delhi and also holds a degree in Communication Studies from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. Her interests are varied but she is happiest researching and writing about history and culture and has previously worked for an art gallery in New Delhi. She’s also been a journalist, an RJ and a translator before she found her place amongst the antiquated statues.

Masoom Pincha
Masoom Pincha, a visual art enthusiast who has freshly graduated from College of Art, New Delhi, with her specialisation in History of Art. She shares a passion for learning different languages and cultures.

Social Media

Gayathri A
Gayathri did her Master's in History of Art from the National Museum Institute. She has worked at various art fairs and has previously worked at a contemporary art gallery. Her area of interest includes contemporary art and practices.


Vivek Vasudev
Vivek Vasudev is a multi-talented Creative Director with extensive experience in Branding, Advertising Campaign management, Animation Film Production, Merchandising and Print Media. He is currently based in Qatar.

Anjana Sukumaran
Anjana S have a post-graduation in applied art from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bengaluru. She fundamentally believes that design can improve people’s lives, transform companies and change the culture.

Event Management

Mariraj Rajasekaran
R. Mariraj is a practicing visual artist based in Hyderabad. He has completed MFA from SN School, Hyderabad. He is a recipient of Junior Fellowship from Central Ministry of Art and Culture.

Gautham Ramachandran
Gautham Ramachandran is a visual artist based in Thrissur. He has a MFA in Printmaking from SN School of Arts and Communication. He prefers working with the medium of photography. Political literature and history are his other major interests.

Arun Ravi
Arun Ravi is an artist and a Research scholar, currently doing his M.Phil in manuscriptology from Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit. He also did his MFA in Painting from Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit.

Neha Verma
Neha Verma is an artist and a Research scholar, currently doing her Ph.D. in fine arts from the IIT, Kanpur. She also did her MFA from SN School, Hyderabad. Her area of interest includes Mughal art and architecture.