Shinoj Choran

Artist Statement

The contrast of being born and brought up in a rural background and living in an urban setting, has influenced my artistic career. The early stages of my work are more or less a depiction of these contrasts. As an artist I have been researching ways in which art can be applied to everyday socio-political life. I think all art, if it’s relevant, is political. For me art is something that is an interpretation of the things which are happening in our society. In my work, images from popular culture are used to parody contemporary socio-political reality. Visual media and newspapers are helping me collect images of contemporary issues. Lots of problems are happening all over the world and most of the people are thinking ‘nothing to worry, we are in a safe place…’ also thinking these are ‘none of our businesses’ and not giving much care about the ongoing issues.

What kind of art works should be produced in the time of fascism and its ‘undeclared emergency’? This is a question which is disturbing me.

Social imbalances, regional riots and migrations, different kinds of censorships, political dramas, moral policing, gender issues, terror attacks amongst other issues happening all over the world. But People are always focused on ‘growth and development’. They won’t bother about the issues which are indirectly affecting them. Through my work I try to criticise all the degeneracy and imbalance of our life. It is depicted not in a direct manner but satirically, with a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ sense of humour.

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