Shilpa TK

Artist Statement

As a woman artist living in a land of mysteries, sacred knowledge and a descendant of an ancient civilisation, where women have been worshipped for thousands of years—I have always wondered why it looks so different in this time. The transformation of the image of women in this land was different through time, and sometimes it was catastrophic. My doings in this world is an analytical voyage to converge and refine the essence from the age-old megalithic stories and momentarily presentness of life. In this way, I find so many strings attached to each experience that we undergo. Sometimes it amuses me the pointlessness of all that we can conceive and as well as the meaningfulness of nothingness. At the end of the beginning, I see a seed growing into a fruitful universe, there is a simplicity to the seed, along with the wisdom of the universe and all the strings that tie existence together. My practice is like the seed, attached with strings which will hopefully lead me to the known and unknown wisdom of the world, to the reality of reality.

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