Nikitha VS

Artist Statement

Through my work I attempt to portray struggles like fear, anxiety and depression faced by many people but are often forgotten and left unacknowledged, especially in today’s day and age. It explores human perceptions, feelings and is a physical manifestation of what I experience emotionally, mentally or through conscious and subconscious thoughts in my life. I illustrate through my own portraits, along with symbolic elements in a surrealistic manner and other times, through moments that I experience and capture of other people and the surroundings. Sometimes I make no attempt to portray an actual figure or an object. I just use an expressionistic approach to create an artwork with no ready concept prior to starting. I'm currently pursuing my post graduation from University of Hyderabad. I have worked with a variety of mediums like clay and wax, apart from conventional and traditional mediums of art like painting and printmaking.

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