Abhishek Pandey

Artist Statement

“I choose sculpture for studies and have always tried to experiment with many mediums. The choice of medium changes depending on the thought and need of the work. The subjects of my works are social behaviour and spirituality.

I have spent most of my life in Varanasi, spirituality comes naturally in my thoughts, which gets reflected in my paintings. While travelling, old architectural forms, such as old city roads and buildings, temples, palaces capture most of my attention. I feel them come alive with the vibrations of thousands of living beings that have visited those spaces, since the existence of those stones.

There are a lot of social conflicts present in our society. The facial expressions and body language of an individual display most of their thoughts. With Face Series, I attempt to capture the judgmental expressions of people towards me in their first look. And as I looked around I noticed I was not the only one who is affected by this social behaviour of others.”

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