Open Call for Artist Portfolios

As a part of our ongoing initiative to archive contemporary art practices across India, Kalayog is now inviting artist portfolios. By collecting portfolios and publishing, we act as a knowledge library accessible to everyone. It helps achieve our collectives goal in creating an archive readily accessible on pan Indian art practices to the general public while mapping the contemporary currents.

Here are a few guidelines and the format that should be followed while sending us the portfolio:

Portfolio Format

Min 10 Artist works:

Artwork number, Artist name, Title(italics), Medium, Dimension in Inch, Year, Ownership (if it is not in the custody of artist) (Photo credit)
Eg: 01_Shyam Aramban_
Golden Seed_acrylic and charcoal on canvas_ 48 x 34 Inch _2019

Artist Statement:
A word limit of 250-500 max. Writers credit, if the statement is written in a third person.

Profile Format

Artist’s Photograph

Artist’s Name

Email Address

City of current residence

Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/YouTube(If any)Personal Website

Curriculum Vitae

  1. Education

Year of graduating, Course, Department, College, City.

  1. Experience

Year-Year (If less than a year) can mention Position, Place of Employment, City.

  1. Awards

Year: Name of the award, Organisation giving the award, City.

  1. Exhibition

Year, Exhibition Name, Curators name (if any), Organiser, City, the Month.

  1. Participations / Fellowships, Scholarships, etc.

Year: Name of the award, Organisation giving the award, City.

Please fill the Google Form to submit your portfolios.