Open Call for Artist Portfolios

As a part of our ongoing initiative to archive contemporary art practices across India, Kalayog is now inviting artist portfolios. By collecting portfolios and publishing, we act as a knowledge library accessible to everyone. It helps achieve our collectives goal in creating an archive readily accessible on pan-Indian art practices to the general public while mapping the contemporary currents.

Here are a few guidelines and the format that should be followed while sending us the portfolio:

Portfolio Format

Min 10 Artist works:

Artwork number, Artist name, Title(italics), Medium, Dimension in Inch, Year, Ownership (if it is not in the custody of artist) (Photo credit)
Eg: 01_Shyam Aramban_
Golden Seed_acrylic and charcoal on canvas_ 48 x 34 Inch _2019

Artist Statement:
A word limit of 250-500 max. Writers credit, if the statement is written in a third person.

Profile Format

Artist’s Photograph

Artist’s Name

Email Address

City of current residence

Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/YouTube(If any)Personal Website

Curriculum Vitae

  1. Education

Year of graduating, Course, Department, College, City.

  1. Experience

Year-Year (If less than a year) can mention Position, Place of Employment, City.

  1. Awards

Year: Name of the award, Organisation giving the award, City.

  1. Exhibition

Year, Exhibition Name, Curators name (if any), Organiser, City, the Month.

  1. Participations / Fellowships, Scholarships, etc.

Year: Name of the award, Organisation giving the award, City.

Please fill the Google Form to submit your portfolios.