Mariraj Rajasekaran
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R. Mariraj was born in a small village of Thanjavur Dist in Tamil Nadu in 1979. He was born into a farmers family,he was put into an Engineering Degree college where his skill in drawing and craft was very useful. He has combined his craft skill with the engineering approach and created various architectural models and sold them in his college days.. After completing his B-Tech degree he worked with an MNC as a software developer where he was exposed to the internet and got access to the art world. He has worked in various Indian cities and realized how the city and village differ in terms of poverty, ethics, needs, social structure, approach amongst many such things..Mariraj taught himself paintings by looking and copying the masters.. After 8 years in IT services, joined a BFA course and turned his hobby into a profession. He has completed BFA from Sri Venkateswara College of Fine Arts (2016) and MFA from Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication (2018), Hyderabad. At SN School he studied under artist and Prof. BV Suresh. His abstract approach yet figurative, simplified figures, ideology in accepting the situation and things and reacting according to that have inspired and pushed him to react for political situations. Interactions with various artists like L.N. Tallur, Atul Dodiya, Shantamani Muddaiah, Ravi Kashi and their feedback led him to explore his subject of art "Liberation" in diverse perspectives. He then approached various past incidents politically and analyzed the facts. This is the time he understood that there could be a connection behind the people killing each other in the name of superiority, religion, caste, male domination, the financial growth of spiritual gurus, suicides of students and farmers, big business people getting support at multiple levels, the fading away democracy, and community structure. He is in the process of plotting dots where one could go no further while asking a series of questions about various incidents and the activities that took place before and/after those incidents. Through his works he registers his understanding and creates an awareness to the public how to look at an incident with a diverse perspective.