Kalayog Art collective is a platform for poets, performers, filmmakers, writers and artists from all disciplines. As the name suggests, Kalayog aims to blend the art worlds by blurring its boundaries. This collective acts as a bridge between ‘kalakar’ and ‘kalapremi’ while bringing together arts from all over India. We drive to a future where opportunities and privilege do not correlate. By holding the core values of equity, integrity, and transparency, we strive to create a new platform for all kinds of artists, that will provide opportunities without any bias. Our focus is to promote these artists and new ideas along with a scope of research, celebrating a diversity of art practices. We hope to support creative talents by conducting exhibitions, seminars, workshops, artist residencies, discussions and other engagements.

By bringing together artists who work in diverse fields, we aim to create dialogue across schools of different art practices and communities. Kalayog will also provide technical support for different art practitioners in polishing their skills and presenting them to a broader audience, allowing them to receive critical feedback on their practice. Art education and accessibility is our societal contribution, and one of our primary goals. It is the united effort of the collective to research and archive these multiple artistic pursuits and push it towards maximum reach. The collective will undertake archival projects which would help individuals as well as institutions to access the content without any monetary barriers. Ultimately, Kalayog will be a platform to help artists to be seen, heard, and recognised globally.